Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Linked List implementation of Stack Data Structure in Java

A stack is a simple data structure for storing data. In stack, the order in which the data arrives is important. A pile of books is a good example of stack. A stack is an ordered list in which insertion and deletion are done at one end, where end is called top. The last element inserted is the first one to be deleted. Hence, it is called Last in First Out (LIFO) or First in Last Out (FILO) list

In this post, we'll see the other way of implementing Stack is by Linked List. This is continuation of the previous post about Array implementation of Stack
In this implementation, push operation is implemented by inserting element at the beginning of the list. Pop operation is implemented by deleting the node from the beginning.
Even you can throw exception instead of printing message in case of pop operation when stack is empty.


Generic Implementation of Stack as Linked List

Generic Stack


Performance and Limitations
Performance : Let n be the number of elements in the stack.

  • Space Complexity  for n push operations : O(n)
  • Time Complexity of push : O(1)
  • Time Complexity of pop : O(1)
  • Time Complexity of isEmpty : O(1)
  • Time Complexity of isStackFull : O(1)
  • Time Complexity of deleteStack : O(1)

Limitations : The size of the stack must be defined in prior and cannot be changed.

Download code : ListNode LinkedStack LinkedStackDemo  GenericListNode GenericLinkedStack GenericStackDemo

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    1. Code is already available at the end of the post.

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